Japanese Swordsmanship - Iaido

Iaido is the art of drawing the Japanese sword, cutting from the draw and re-sheathing the sword. Through a series of stylized scenarios (kata) taken from Samurai history, Iaido students (iaidoka) learn seemingly endless variations on this theme. But the greatest challenge lies in performing the movements flawlessly with a minimum of wasted motion and a maximum of poetry in motion.

Instruction is based on current standards as set by the Iaido Committee of the All Japan Kendo Federation, while adhering to the ancient traditions of the Samurai culture.

Iaido Today

Though swords are a weapon of the past, learning to handle one skillfully has valuable benefits that can serve you well in the present:

Wondering what Iaido looks like? Check this YouTube video of a high-ranking Instructor in Japan - Noboru Ogura Sensei - performing kata Nr. 10 "Shiho-giri" of the ZNKR Seitei kata series. Or watch all 12 Seitei kata in this YouTube video as performed by this world-renowned Sensei.

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Disclaimer: these YouTube presentations are included only as an example of Iaido practice, and should not be used to attempt to learn Iaido.

The ZNKR Seitei kata series was devised as a bridge between the major Iaido styles in the world. All students at Musokai begin by learning these twelve Seitei kata. Later, Musokai students advance into the three increasingly complex series of kata in the Muso Shinden Ryu style.

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