Japanese Swordsmanship - Kendo

Kendo is the art of duelling with a live opponent using a bamboo practice sword (shinai). To absorb shinai strikes Kendo students (kendoka) wear armor (bogu).

Some advanced students of Japanese sword arts have described Kendo and Iaido as two aspects of a whole, or "two sides of a coin".

Wondering what Kendo looks like? Check this YouTube video introduction.

Kendo at Musokai

We do not require our students to study Kendo. But to have at least part of the experience of facing a live opponent we practice Kendo Kata whenever time and opportunity allows.

Watch these excellent examples of Kendo Kata:

If you are looking for intense aerobic exercise and a martial art that challenges you to think on your feet while facing a fierce opponent whose bamboo sword is pointed at your head, please consider studying Kendo at any of the excellent regional Kendo dojos listed here.