Just curious

Come watch. No charge. And no obligation. Show up at any time during a training session and take a seat on the sidelines. After practice one of our senior students will be glad to answer any questions you may have.

Try it once

Your first trial class is free. We will loan you a wooden sword (bokken or bokuto). Wear loose fitting clothing such as warm-ups or sweats - even jeans and t-shirt will suffice.

Try it for one Trial Month

You can sign up (legal stuff is taken care of in that way) for one month on a trial basis for $20 and train with us. You can use the loaner bokken or you might even try one of the dojo's two loaner practice swords (iaito).

Go for it

If you decide to enter the Way of the Sword, here's what you'll need:

These can be purchased through the dojo or any reputable supplier of martial arts equipment. Prices may vary.


Like every dojo, Musokai has a dues structure. Instructors take no pay, but the practice facilities require rent, and there are modest administrative costs (such as maintaining this website). Current Musokai membership dues are as follows: